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Jackie Drevis by ThunderTheHedgehogIB Jackie Drevis by ThunderTheHedgehogIB
Here's a character I've had on the shelf for a long time.

Name: Jacklyn Drevis (Only goes by Jackie)

Age: 16.

Personality: Kind, sweet, caring, compassionate, funny, and a little sassy.

Jackie's the kind of girl who's bad side you don't want to see. She's well experienced in martial arts, being able
to hold her own in a fight with Thunder, who's bigger, and pretty strong.
She also spends some of her day trying out pressure points and escape tactics, should she ever get captured.

She and Thunder also love each other quite a bit. They've been an item for a while now.

She isn't the biggest fan of Snipe, but they try not to strangle each other.

She and Uzi (Snipe's little sis) rarely ever talk to each other, but they're on good terms. Jackie prefers to keep her distance, though.

She thinks Lightning (Thunder's little brother) is a cute little thing, and they like to play games together.
...Although, sometimes they fight for Thunder's attention.

She's also got a purdy good sense of humor.

So there you have it.

Sorry the first picture I've posted in like a year is a base, but it still looks good, right?
Hope you like it, and there'll be more pics soon!

Jackie belongs to me.

The base belongs to xXTaylorTeenWolfXx
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October 30, 2015
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