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Hey, guys! Sorry I haven't been active art-wise in a dog's age. Life's crazy sometimes, don't you know, and I find it increasingly hard to get motivated to draw. I know I have some requests pending, and I promise to get them out there! Like I said, motivation has been kicking my butt lately.
So! I've decided to open Art Trades! I scratch your back, you scratch mine! I'll draw whatever you like! A Sonic OC, a Gemsona, a canon character, just name it! Just drop a comment and we'll talk! And if you're feeling bold, leave a request and if I like it, I'll do it for ya! Underwear, bondage, it's fine with me!

So! Let's see what we can do!
You getting bored of me posting journals? Lol don't worry, this is the last one.
I'll be getting back to art shortly, but I need to have a little fun first!

I have plenty of roleplaying experience, I make sure not every sentence is just, sentence!
Now, here are my rules, for all of the universes I'll RP in.


1. 18+ Content like gore or sex. We can talk about that if you want to do it.

2. Fetishes are a maybe. It all depends on whether or not we have the same fetishes. If you want to do fetishes,
just ask (through notes) and we'll share what they are.

3. I can play as a canon character, or another character I'd need to use for some reason, but I WON'T use them primarily.

This is important. I USE OC'S PRIMARILY. But I CAN and WILL use other characters if I need to, like if they and your character are speaking.

4. I do romance. I would prefer to, actually. I'm open to:

Steven Universe: MxF, FxF I could use male or female with this.

Pokémon: MxF only. In this case, I'd be the male.

Sonic: MxF, FxF. In this case, I'd be the female with MxF, but we'd both be females for FxF. (Again, duh.)

Sex is perfectly fine with me, but only if the characters grow to know each other first.
When I think they have known each other enough and care enough about each other, I'll tell you
so you can feel free to make the first move to start a relationship, and, sexy-times xD.Or I could do it, your choice.


1. Don't show no emotion in what you write. For example.

Do: I don't care what you think, it's my life, so back off!"

i dont care what you think its my life so back off!

This is important. I refuse to roleplay with someone who doesn't try.

2. NO GODMODDING. Again, important. Characters who are invincible and never have anything bad to them
are boring. So please refrain from using characters like that.

With all that being said, here are your options for roleplays. And don't worry, there are no limits.
And I have plenty of plot ideas for most of these. BUT, don't be afraid to suggest ideas. I am VERY open to your opinions,
and as long as it doesn't sound too stupid, we'll go with it. So feel free to ask anything you want, plot or otherwise.

Steven Universe: In this we would use Gemsonas. (Duh.) I would use several, but I'll primarily use my OC, Hematite.
(He has a nickname, but we'll get into that when we roleplay. No pic of him, but I have pics of three of my Gemsonas.
From left to right, Sodalite, Rhodolite, and Obsidian: If you want any of those lovelies to be in the story as well, don't be afraid to ask. And don't worry, you can use as many characters as you want. (And yes, you can primarily use a canon character if you want. In fact, I'd prefer if the Crystal Gems were involved in the plot. In my headcanon, Hematite is a Crystal Gem. But if you want to come up with a backstory for him and your OC knowing each other, just ask. We'll discuss the plot when we talk.

Pokémon: In this case, I'd use my character Mike. No pics at the moment, but I'll send one when we talk.
His occupation his Trainer, but your character can be whatever you want them to. (Or, if you prefer using a canon character,
go right ahead.) I have some ideas for this, but again, feel free to suggest something.

Sonic: In this case, I'd use my primary OC, Thunder The Hedgehog: .::Thunder The Hedgehog (Girl)::. by Miss-Minu You're character can be male, female, OC or canon, anyone you want. Again, I have some ideas, but feel free to suggest. (P.S, this one I would like romantics for a lot, so feel free to ask! ^^)

And that's about it! Send me a note or comment to ask to roleplay, and I WILL answer you.
I roleplay primarily through notes or Skype, but if you don't use either, just tell me what you use and we'll make it work!

And P.P.S, I would love to talk OOC whenever, too! Making friends on here is really fun for me, so don't be shy!

I hope to make lots of friends and enjoyable stories for us to go through! Again, comment or note me to ask, and if you have any questions, any at all, I'll answer! If it's a plot, something you want in the story, plot suggestions for a plot I come up with, don't be shy!

Anyways, this was a long journal! Hope to chat to at least one of you soon! ^^
Hello! I have quite a few years of roleplaying under my belt, and decided to try my luck here!
Basically, I'm looking for an RP partner that would willing to participate in a long term RP. Here are my rules!

1.) I don't want someone who has no enthusiasm and leaves one sentence replies. A minimum of three or four sentences will suffice.
I AM fine with one sentence replies, so long as its not every reply you do.

2.) I'm willing to do 18+ content, like sex or gore. I only ask that you don't ask for just smut.

3.) Fetishes are a maybe. It depends really on what it is. I'm not into everything, you know. Again, no smut. But still,
don't be afraid to ask, I want to make the experience enjoyable!

Now that that's out of the way, here are the fandoms I'm willing to roleplay with!

Steven Universe. If we did this it's perfectly fine if you use a canon or OC character. I would most likely use an OC.
This would be adventure/romance/ but would like if it focuses on plot over just the relationships. I have plenty ideas in mind, and if you have any, feel free to tell me! This is something we should both enjoy. We can discuss character bios and personalities once we meet, and we can go from there, I suppose! And using multiple characters is perfectly ok, too!

Pokémon. This one would also be adventure/romance etc but I'm willing to listen to ideas! The characters here again, would be me definitely using an OC, and you can use whoever, canon or OC. And again, we can discuss on Skype and discuss plot, and
multiple characters are fine, etc.

I only roleplay via notes or Skype, so if you have a Skype, or want to whip one up real quick, hit me up with a note to ask, or send one to ask for an rp with notes!
There's no limit, anybody can ask so long as you put at least a little effort into what you say.

Another thing, don't be shy about talking OOC between roleplays! Making friends or simply talking would be fun in between!
Hello! I haven't had much luck finding an RP partner so far, so I decided to try my luck here! I'm up for a preferably long term Pokemon RP. Would prefer if it was Trainer X Trainer, because a little romance is always nice, but other that that the RP can be about anything you want it to. I gave some ideas, and if you do, don't be afraid to share. I use a male OC, so I'd prefer really only female OC's, or canon characters, I'm cool with either!

Another thing. I'd prefer if our Pokemon don't have minor roles. It is Pokemon after all!

Things I am okay with...

18 Plus Content

Fetishes. We must discuss that first.

Things I am NOT okay with...

Gross fetishes. I think you know what I mean by that.


Having shinies or mythical Pokemon are okay, but only if it's not a whole team of them. One legendary maximum and shinies are fine, maybe you're a shiny hunter or something? Lol I dunno.

I'm perfectly fine if we discuss characters, teams, plot etc. before we hop right into it. I'd actually prefer that, maybe.

I RP exclusively on Skype, because notes are just tedious for me.
REMEMBER TO ONLY NOT ME FOR AN RP. If you post on the journal, I won't get notified.

Hope to have a fun RP!
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Hey everyone. I know that I haven't posted art in a long time, and I'd just like to apologize. School has just been kicking my ass
lately, but with the Summer coming up, I'll finally be able to get through all those requests and post some regular art as well.
I apologize for the wait a lot of people have been... well, waiting, but I promise I will fulfill your requests to the best of my
abilities. So don't think I've forgotten any of them. They'll be done soon, hopefully.

That being said, I created a Skype a while ago, and I have been looking around for people to chat with.
So if any of you are interested, just PM me and we'll exchange usernames and such.

I'm open to talking about pretty much anything, such as TV shows, discuss our fan characters, role-play, (that one especially)
or talk about anything. (Even naughty stuff, lol.)

So just holler if you wanna talk. Anyone can ask. ^^
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Hello, everyone! I just wanted to give you an update on the Sonic OC requests, and provide details.
For starters, I got my art program to work again, so I can continue drawing the pics.

That being said, below is all the info you need to know about them.

What I will accept drawing:

-Your Sonic OCs, male or female.

-My OCs. (You don't have to, but I have fun putting my characters in situations requested by others)

-Your and my OCs together (Again, only if you want to)

Here are the scenarios I am okay with:

-Characters in any pose you wish~

-Embarrassing scenarios, I.E, pantsing, chars in their underwear, etc. Male or female, both is fine. (Note me for something specific.)

-Certain fetish art, I.E, bondage (Again, note me on that, ask anything)

-Gender bending.

-Anything else, just note me if you want to be anonymous.

What I am NOT okay with:

-Drawing backrounds (Seriously, I suck at it)

-Extremely sexual situations.


-Gross things.

Again, if there is something here that isn't listed that you want, don't be afraid to ask. Just send me a note ;)

Now here's the deal. Since I have art block, I am perfectly fine with doing as many requests as you want, so...

There's no limit, anyone can have requests.

And you can request as many things as you want.

And if you're embarrassed about what you want drawn, or simply want to remain anonymous, just send me a note. ;)

Go crazy.

One more thing, I'd be appreciated if you gave a suggestion for Uzi in any situation you want.
I want to draw her, but I have no idea what to draw, so your ideas would be appreciated ^^

EDIT: Feel free to share this journal with your friends if you think they'd be interested!
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Hey guys, you'll notice I haven't updated in a few days. It's cause Paint.Net stopped working because a file was moved deleted accidentally, and when I try to re-install it, it can't because of certain reasons. So the requests will have to wait until I fix it.
But don't worry, I'm still doing requests, and if you want one, just ask in the comments or send me a note if you want a private discussion. You'll just have to wait a little longer. ^^
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Hey guys, I've had art block for a long time now, so I figured I'd start doing requests drawing my or your Sonic OC's in any kind of situation you want, so I have something to do, and so you can see your or my characters doing whatever you want. Want them to interact with my OC's? What them to be in compromising situations?
Want them to do something naughty? Don't be shy :3
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Yeah.... finding that a little hard to believe, huh? So, straight to the point, I haven't been on here.AT ALL.
The reason is just because A LOT of things have been going on in life, so at the time I never had time to draw.
That, and I had artist's block. But I promise I'll try to be as active as I can, and start uploading art again soon!
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Wow, has it been a year already? Jeez, ever since 2011, the years have just been flying by! Anyway, Happy 2015, guys. Can't wait to go another year makin' art for you guys!
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Hey guys! I don't really have any ideas of what to draw right now, so I thought, why not do what the people on Tumblr do, and make a question answering page! I'd rather do it here on deviantART, since I've got no idea how to design a Tumblr page.
So ask any questions you want! Want to see me jump off a cliff? Want to see me genderbent? Or do you want to see me interact with other video game characters? All you have to do is ask! See ya!
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So... Robin Williams committed suicide today. It's a shame, that's for sure.
I loved his movies, ESPECIALLY Mrs. Doubtfire.
I had no idea a guy like him would do something like that. I didn't even know
he was depressed about anything. I'll sure as he'll miss him
He was a great comedian, and a great guy.
Rest In Peace, Robin Williams. 
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Honestly, i don't really have one. I just cam on here to share my pictures and
stories to the world. And I'm surprised at how many watchers I have.
I honestly don't think my drawing are that great, so it's great to see how many
people like them. As for my time on deviantART, I enjoy this site a lot,
whether I'm writing stories, making pictures, or just looking at and favoriting 
other peoples pictures. This is a great site, and I don't plan on leaving for a
long time.
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So you guys know that I haven't Been posting anything for awhile, that's because the thing I use for uploading pictures is broken. I'm not that good at drawing with a mouse, so I've been working on getting a new one. So don't think I've left deviantART. Don't plan on that for awhile.
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